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Firearm Simulators

Firearm Simulators

Bring your training to life with our
state-of-the-art firearm simulators.

Pricing: Special Introductory Rates!

25  minutes: $30/person
Add’l shooters $10 each

55 minutes: $60/person
Add’l shooters $10 each

We recommend making reservations to minimize wait time.

Reserve your time now!

Simulator Training Lab

Now the public can train like law enforcement and military.  Our Ti Training simulator is used by police and military around the world.  They recognize the benefits of this type of training, and now you can, too!  We have over 450 different scenarios to test your skills.  Moving targets, shoot/no-shoot situations, man on man challenges, and so much more.  Practice shooting while moving, using verbal cues, even deploying pepper spray.  Simulated recoil makes this training as realistic as it can get.  Shoot a Glock 17, M&P9, and/or an AR-15.   Come give it a try!

Why Is Simulator Training So Helpful?

At the range, you are limited to shooting paper targets from a fixed platform. Most ranges will not allow you to practice presenting your weapon from the holster. This is fine for learning basic marksmanship skills, but real life is not static. Shooting moving targets, moving while shooting, shooting in low light situations, and shooting from different positions (kneeling, crouching, leaning) brings an entirely new dimension to training and will raise your level of confidence and proficiency. With the cost of ammunition and range time, simulator training is also a more affordable option for honing your skills.

Trap & Skeet Simulator

Do you enjoy skeet and trap shooting?  Are you a hunter?  If so, you will want to try out our Trap & Skeet Simulator.  This dry fire system allows you to bring your own shotgun (unloaded and cased) and obtain detailed feedback on shot placement and groupings.  The laser sensor is placed into the barrel of your gun which allows you to get used to the weight and handling of your particular shotgun. Improve your speed and accuracy while reducing the strain on your shoulder.  Don’t have a shotgun?  No problem, you can use on of ours.

Pricing: Special Introductory Rates!

1/2 Hour: $25/person
Add’l shooters $10 each

1 Hour: $40/person
Add’l shooters $10 each

We recommend making reservations to minimize wait time.  Sign up in-store or call for reservations.  Online reservations coming soon.

Simulator Leagues

Interest lists are forming now for our Simulator Leagues. We will offer 3 weekly leagues: Beginners, Intermediate/Advanced, and Kids’ League. The weekly entry fee is $15. Do you have what it takes to end up on our Wall of Fame? Join other shooters for some friendly competition, prizes, and fun while you improve your shooting skills. Please sign up on the interest list in the store or email us to receive information on start dates.

Parties & Events

Looking for something different?  Schedule your birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party, retirement party, or corporate event with us.  Different packages and options available.  Call for more information.  Group rates also available.